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IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG

Fostering the German Mittelstand has been IKB's leitmotif throughout its history. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in Berlin in 1924, it began as the Bank für deutsche Industrie-Obligationen, and was renamed Deutsche Industriebank in 1938. The 1974 merger with Industriekreditbank (founded in 1949 in Dusseldorf) gave rise to today's IKB.

IKB is solely dedicated to meeting the needs of medium-sized companies. We provide all the longterm financing requirements of companies with annual sales of €10 million or more. We give our clients the financial freedom they need to invest in their future, without infringing on their entrepreneurial independence. Being a medium-sized organisation itself, the bank understands - and assures - maximum flexibility.

Headquarters:Dusseldorf, Germany
Phone:++ 49-2 11-82 21-0
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