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Capitalia Banking Group

Capitalia Banking GroupCapitalia S.p.A. is the Holding Company of the Capitalia Banking Group, born on July 1, 2002, from the synthesis of the former Bancaroma and Bipop-Carire banking groups. With the approval of the 2005-2007 Business Plan by the Capitalia Board of Directors on July 4, 2005, the organizational and corporate rationalization of the Capitalia Group continued. Currently, besides the parent company, Capitalia S.p.A., the Group is primarily composed of three commercial banks (Banca di Roma, Banco di Sicilia and Bipop Carire, all wholly owned), which are entirely focused on customers and traditional banking activities through their local networks under their own brands.

Capitalia is a limited company, and it is currently led by the President Cesare Geronzi and the CEO Matteo Arpe. It employs 28,264 people and its annual profit is 5,171,000 million EUR (as of 2004).

Headquarters:Rome, Italy
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