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Bank of Latvia

The Bank of Latvia is the central bank of the Republic of Latvia. It is one of the key public institutions. The principal objective of the Bank of Latvia is to regulate currency in circulation by implementing monetary policy to maintain price stability in Latvia. Supervision of the Bank of Latvia is vested with the Parliament.

Among the most important objectives of the national central bank are the following: to establish and implement monetary policy in order to ensure price stability in the country, to issue the national currency, to organise and ensure the functioning of the payment and settlement systems in Latvia, to collect, record and aggregate the financial information and the data of the national payment balance, as well as to publish the processed statistical information, to manage foreign assets.

Headquarters:Riga, Latvia
Address:K. Valdemara iela 2A, LV-1050, Riga, Latvia
Phone:(+371) 6702 2300
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