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UBS Investment Bank

UBS Investment BankUBS AG is a diversified global financial services company. It is the world's largest manager of Private Wealth assets, and is also the second largest bank in Europe, by both market capitalisation and profitability. UBS's retail offices are located throughout the United States, and in over fifty other countries.

UBS's global business groups are Private Banking, Investment Banking, and Asset Management. Additionally, UBS is one of the leading providers of retail banking and commercial banking services in Switzerland. Overall invested assets are 2.766 trillion Swiss francs (CHF), shareholders' equity is 47.850 billion CHF and market capitalization is 150.663 billion CHF. With headquarters in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland, UBS is present in all major financial centers worldwide. UBS employs around 78,000 people.

Headquarters:Zurich, Switzerland
Phone:+41-44-234 11 11
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